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What Agreement Do The Pilgrims Make In This Compact Quizlet

Although the accident disabled the Mayflower II and its radio, all personnel, supply and survival systems survived intact. Scientists and workers will be able to live in the Mayflower II and build structures outside the spacecraft. They expect a rescue ship to be sent, but not for many months. Shortly after the mayflower II crashed, a conflict broke out between scientists and workers. The workers claimed that the whole purpose of the project had shifted from scientific research to survival. Since workers know how to build a survival base, they can take care of themselves. The workers also pointed out that because they are in an area of Mars outside the jurisdiction of the United States, they are not obliged to obey the orders of scientists (or any law on the matter). Scientists rejected these views, arguing that they had been blamed for the return to Earth project and should therefore remain in control until the rescue ship arrives.

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