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Registered Bayana Agreement

. defendant No. 1; Although Applicant No. 1 was willing and willing to do so, Respondent No. 1 was not in compliance with his obligations under the Serious Money Document/Bayana; (c.c.). Compliance for two other immovable properties against bayana rasid by applicant No. 1. As I said before, only Bayana Rasid is deposited by rs. 4 lakes and the accord-cum-bayana rasid for rs. 12 lakes does not have.

for a total counter-sale of paragraph 13.15.000 / – and serious money / Bayana received from 24 October 2005 was executed and applicant No. 1 paid a sum of Rs. 4 Lakes among them as serious money / Bayana. 1) The notary contract for sale is concluded between the parties to the otarized sales agreement is binding between the parties and you said that the certification has no legal value. ??? What is right? And what happens if the seller refuses to execute the deed of sale after the registration of the sales contract, that is: Byana with the notary, I lost all the money and intrigue? It is clear that the finance department only had a photocopy of the bayana receipt and that the reassessment of the expert was carried out on this basis. However, for the reasons identified, the AO did not. A hard drive was found in Shri`s living quarters. Nareesh Gupta, who is a native writer and professional lawyer. According to the sales agreement that was found on the hard drive in question, assessee and sound. to the agreement and even there are no witnesses to the agreement in question. It was just a copy typed as a photocopy, as found during the search may be an electronic document that was found in the search. Since.

. Ajnala dated 08-02-2008 with Sh. Baldev Singh, S/o Sh. Hazara Singh for the entire vision of rs.15.00.000/- and had indicated an amount of Rs.8.00.000/- as received Bayana. It was created by the CIT (A.). Bayana of paragraph 8,00,000/- by the applicant, Consequently, the authenticity of the agreement in question with the deed of sale of 08-02-2008 has not been proved and, consequently, the applicant did not receive credit on…/o Sh Hazara Singh for the entire underperformance of Article 15.00.000/- and therefore did not receive credit as Biana. There is no doubt that there is no legal obligation to register the sales contract, as it is not transferred. DHA Karachi is a popular housing company. It recommends that sellers include in the contract a special clause according to which the seller may confiscate the advance if the buyer cannot make the payment remaining on the due date. In the same way, if the seller refuses to transfer the property, he is obliged to return twice the advance received (Bayana).

Hello, Samra, a quick question. I got Bayana for a sale, now the seller can`t close the sale and wants to sell to someone else who pays me. Is it contrary to bayana`s agreement, because we have an agreement with the original seller and not with this new person with whom I do not have an agreement??? Documented token money, in which the terms between the buyer, seller, and agent (if there is a mediation agent) are mutually defined, is called a confirmed token. This agreement contains conditions such as the schedule in which bayana must be paid, the sale price of the property and the penalty in case of withdrawal of one of the parties. . . .

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