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No Smoking Clause In Lease Agreement

Optional selling for existing rental communities that apply non-smoking guidelines Landlords may also want their tenants to sign a supplement if they suspect that tobacco or cannabis products have recently been used on the site and that the lease is currently silent on smoking permission. Deposit: declare that the tenant loses his deposit if evidence of smoking tobacco, cannabis or other illicit substances is found in any way in the rented or rented premises. 2. Definition of smoking. Smoking means inhaling, inhaling, breathing or wearing a lit cigar, cigarette or other tobacco product or other similar illuminated product in one way or another. « smoking » means the inhalation, inhalation, incineration, incineration or wearing of a lit or heated cigar, cigarette or whistle or other tobacco product or plant lit or heated, intended for incineration, including water pipes and marijuana, whether natural or synthetic, in any way or in any form. « Smoking » also refers to the use of an electronic smoke device that produces an aerosol or vapor in some way; Non-Smoking Lease Addendum 1. Objective of the non-smoking policy. The Parties wish to (i) mitigate the irritations and known health effects of second-hand smoke; (ii) increased maintenance, cleaning and renovation costs due to smoking expenses; (iii) increased risk of fire from smoking; and (iv) the higher cost of fire insurance for a non-smoking building; The owner is not required to take any action in response to smoking unless the owner is aware of such smoking or has been advertised in writing about smoking. 9. Exclusion of liability of the owner. The tenant acknowledges that the establishment of a smoke-free residential environment by the landlord and efforts to qualify the rental complex as non-smoking do not alter the level of diligence that the landlord or manager should do to a tenant to make the buildings and premises designated as non-smoking safer, habitable or improved in terms of air quality than all other rental premises. The lessor expressly objects to any implied or explicit warranty that the building, common areas or premises of the tenant have higher or improved air quality standards than any other rental property.

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