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Jlu Erasmus Learning Agreement

Information about the JLU giessen is already saved. An extension is only possible from the winter semester to the summer semester of the same academic year! In addition, the Justus Liebig University in Giessen maintains partnerships with twenty universities abroad. Free places for an exchange semester are also open to candidates from the Institute of Applied Theatre Sciences. On cultural terms, we will explore typical French (Hessen) cuisine and beer-brewing. Alight will be the visit to our university castle where there will be the reception for visiting researchers, hosted by our president. We look forward to welcoming you in Giessen in June ! Those interested in an Erasmus+ place awarded by the Institute can register with Bernhard Siebert before 15 December of a year. The recognition form that replaces Table D of the Learning Agreement allows you to recognize your achievements at the JLU. This is based on your Transscript of Records as well as the Learning Agreement before and, if applicable, during mobility. The Learning Agreement is your study contract and is therefore an integral part of your mobility. It guarantees you the recognition of services provided abroad in accordance with the Lisbon Convention.

The meetings allow participants to exchange views on promoting student and staff mobility. The German classes every morning give a nice warm-up during the day. There will also be an intercultural approach to mobility that will provide sufficient space to discuss work structures and practices, study and debate topics of interest in the field of internationalisation, mobility and the general structure of universities and their relevant units. The program runs from Monday to Friday…

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