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Iaea Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement

The Agency shall keep to a minimum the number, intensity and duration of routine inspections, applying an optimal timetable, consistent with the effective implementation of the safeguard procedures set out in this Agreement, and shall make optimal and economical use of the inspection means at its disposal. The five nuclear-weapon States of the Non-Proliferation Treaty have concluded security agreements covering some or all of their peaceful nuclear activities. Under these voluntary offer agreements, the State concerned is notified to the IAEA and offers safeguard measures. The IAEA applies safeguards under voluntary supply agreements for nuclear material at selected facilities. (b) provisional measures applicable to nuclear material subject to safeguards under this Agreement shall terminate under the conditions referred to in Article 13, provided that the United States and the Organization agree that such nuclear material is virtually irremediable. == In order to achieve its objective, it was important for the IAEA to apply, in a certain type of United States entities, the same procedures as it uses in similar entities in non-nuclear-weapon States to implement its security measures. Accordingly, the U.S.-IAA Guarantee Agreement consists of a preamble and 90 operational paragraphs, divided into two parts, and a protocol that is an integral part of the treaty and consists of 28 paragraphs. Many of these model provisions could therefore be incorporated into the safeguards agreement between the United States and IAEA without modification. Such agreements apply only to nuclear material, non-nuclear material, facilities and other objects defined in the safeguard agreements. They are based on the safeguard procedures defined in INFCIRC/66/Rev.2 and earlier versions of this document. States Parties to these agreements undertake not to use nuclear material, facilities or other objects subject to the Agreement to manufacture nuclear weapons or promote military purposes. The IAEA implements safeguard measures under these agreements in three States that are not parties to the NPT. In July 1983, the United States added the Portsmouth Centrifugal Centrifugal Enrichment Plant to the list of eligible facilities, and in August it was selected by the IAEA for safeguard measures.

Between August 1983 and July 1985, IAEA precautionary measures were implemented with the GCEP. These activities included limited frequencies, unannounced access by IAEA inspectors to the cascading halls. The Ministry of Energy terminated the gas centrifuge project in June 1985 and, after the removal of nuclear material from the facility in July 1985, the facility was removed from the list of eligible facilities. .

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