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Swissport Yvr Collective Agreement

« Like the vast majority of other employers who have sought approval of an enterprise agreement, Swissport has made some small improvements to the original version, in part because of the exceptional delay of almost two years between the coordination of workers on the agreement and its approval by the Fair Work Commission. The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has approved The Swissport collective agreement for its 2,600 soil employees. « Approval of this agreement will result in an additional payment of up to $27,000, resulting in a reasonable wage increase of 21.8% over the duration of the agreement, allowances and other benefits; and the introduction of bonuses for employees who have supported the company`s success over a long period of time, » he said. Beyond the attempt to destabilize our business, it is difficult to understand why the unions want to force Swissport employees to basic allocation conditions while we were awaiting the approval of this enterprise agreement. PSAC is pleased to announce that a new collective agreement has been ratified by members of the Swissport Canada Fuel Services Unit at Vancouver International Airport. « In addition to improving wages and conditions, this agreement provides our employees and customers with security and opportunities for the next four years. » After several meetings in recent weeks, the parties have agreed on the way forward: originally, the agreement of more than 91 per cent of Swissport`s employees was approved nationally after more than 80 direct advisory talks at 25 airports, but was delayed by opposition from trade unions. Pension: For former Servisair employees currently working in the IAM Work Management Retirement Plan, the employer will pay $1 per hour of work (so far $0.80 per hour of work), including overtime, a maximum of $40 per week, from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2021. All former Swissport employees covered by the Swissport collective agreement and new employees recruited on the date of ratification are allowed to participate in the Swissport RRSP. After 2 years of service, the employer will compare employee contributions: $110 (compared to $80 previously).

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