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Rental Agreement Rent A Center

Caitlin Six is a financial services employee who signed a contract in 2013 to lease a sofa, room furniture and two one-bedroom mattresses in Go, near Jacksonville, Florida. Six signed a three-year contract and agreed to pay $201.28 $US per month. She made monthly payments for 15 months, then she returned the couch. Rent-A-Center`s records show that she paid 3,030 $US. She thought she was about to pay her account because she no longer had the sofa she remembers costing 1,299 $US, or two-thirds of the total for furniture. Rent-A-Center told her she still owed more than $1,700. Six requested a broken statement, but the company would not provide any, it said the Florida attorney general in a 2015 complaint. In March 2015, she received a call from Rent-A-Center asking that she pay 497.06 $US or that the company pursue theft charges, according to her complaint. Rent A Center officials began showing in her house and left notes that threatened to call the police if she did not pay or return the items « stolen, » she told a reporter.

Rent-A-Center has strict collection goals, say former managers. When they worked for the company, a store`s share of former customers was due to be less than 6 percent a week, say workers who asked not to be identified because they had signed confidentiality agreements with the company. If stores do not reach their numbers, managers must work additional jobs and may lose their jobs, former workers say. Store salespeople are doubling as front-line collectors. They call customers within hours of a missed payment, and employees often go out to track down customers late for a week or more. Between January 2016 and June 2017, the Federal Trade Commission received 2,779 complaints about Rent-A-Center and Acceptance Now. More than 90% called the collective aggressive tactics. Ohio customer Gorman says Rent A Center employees walked into the door of their home in Lima after two months behind on a laptop contract she had almost paid for. She had lost her job and said she told Rent-A employees that it took her a few more weeks to make the final payments. Instead, workers broke into her house while she was gone, Gorman told Lima police, citing a neighbor who witnessed the incident. In 2009, the State of Washington sued the Rent-A Center, accusing the company of improper collection practices.

Rent-A-Center settled the complaint in 2010 and stated that there was nothing wrong with preparing not to use abusive language, to visit clients` workplaces after being told not to do so. Since that comparison, the Washington Attorney General has received more than 800 pages of complaints about the Rent-A Center. You agree to compensate, defend and keep unscathed CAR AND suppliers, as well as their respective senior managers, directors, employees, affiliates, parent companies, agents, licensees and suppliers, for all losses, expenses, damages and expenses, including reasonable legal fees resulting from your violation of these terms. Online payment services (ePay and AutoPay) are provided as a convenient method to make rental payments, but not to change or change the terms of your contract. RAC is not responsible for accessing or maintaining the website. If the Site is not available for any reason, the Customer remains responsible for renewal payments on time on or before the due date. Renewal payments received after the due date may be considered late fees in the amount set out in the lease, to the extent permitted by national law.

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