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Ibm Master Service Agreement

IBM Enterprise Software – Servicing Offering (ESSO) agreements are often used by IBM`s major customers. In addition to a standard contract, an ESSO can offer real benefits and be tailored to the specific needs of your business. In general, IBM customers renew their ESSO agreements every three years, and it`s important to fully understand your contract before that renewal date. Many ESSO agreements go back years and may have been implemented first by the predecessors of your IT department. It is likely that these agreements have been amended regularly and have not been completely replaced at each point of renewal. This means that companies often do not understand the benefits they are entitled to from IBM. Hundreds of thousands of dollars can easily be wasted by neglecting the benefits that are available in your ESSO agreement. The integration of functions such as substitution programs (pot substitution) or cross-brand allotment (CBA) can easily be overlooked by IT purchasing teams in the absence of proper procedures and communications. To begin reviewing and extending your ESSO agreement, download our information file for an introduction to the IBM ESSO agreements.

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