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Alcohol Agreement Form

Information and recordings relating to positive test results, drug and alcohol addictions and legitimate medical statements made available to the SSO are treated confidentially to the extent prescribed by law and kept in secure records separate from ordinary personal records. These records and information may be disclosed to executives and supervisors on the basis of knowledge needs and may also be disclosed if they are relevant to a complaint, charge, request or other legal proceedings initiated by an employee or applicant or on behalf of a worker or applicant. Employees are paid for time spent on alcohol or drug tests and then suspended until the results of the drug or alcohol test. Once the test results have been received, the date and time are scheduled to discuss the test results. This meeting includes a member of management, a union delegate (if he wishes) and staff. If the results are negative, the employee is reimbursed for the suspension periods/days. « refusal of cooperation, » an obstacle to the investigation or testing process; Submit a modified, falsified or replacement sample Not to be posted for a scheduled test Refuse to complete the requested drug testing forms; or refrain from submitting samples for examination without delay if they are asked to do so, with no valid medical basis for failure. Staff members who leave the accident site without a reasonable explanation before being tested for drugs and alcohol are also considered non-cooperative and are automatically dismissed. [Company name] reserves the right to examine all parts of its premises for drugs, alcohol or other contraband; The workers involved may be involved in this process. All employees, contract agents and visitors may be invited to participate in inspections of their persons, work areas and objects that may conceal drugs, alcohol or other contraband. Workers who are in possession of such contraband or who refuse to participate in such inspections are subject to appropriate discipline, including dismissal.

[Company name] prohibits all employees, including the employee working under government contracts, production, distribution, distribution, possession or use of an illegal drug in or on the company`s site or during the business. [Company name] Employees are also prohibited from abusing mandatory or over-the-counter medications. Law enforcement personnel may be notified when criminal activity is suspected. Staff subject to blood alcohol tests are transported to a facility designated by [company name] and it is advisable to provide breathing samples. Breath samples are tested by technicians trained with federally licensed blood alcohol testing devices, capable of providing printed results that identify the employee. If an employee`s concentration of respiratory alcohol is 0.04 or higher, a second breath sample is tested about 20 minutes later. The results of the second test will be decisive. However, blood alcohol tests may be, at the company`s discretion, a breathing, blood or saliva test. For the purposes of this directive, the results of tests generated by law enforcement agencies or health professionals may be considered by the company to be violations of the labour rule. [Company name] does not want to enter the privacy of its employees, but recognizes that out-of-business use of drugs and alcohol can have an impact on the workplace. Therefore, [company name] reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary action for drug use, sale or distribution off the company`s site. All staff members convicted, convicted or convicted of crimes with an illicit drug must report the conviction, pleading or sentence to HR within five days.

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